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Radiation Emergency Preparedness Plan Assistance

 (Last Updated: Dec 22, 2020)

  • Please contact to enrol in the radiation safety training which includes emergency preparedness plans.
  • Please refer to the Radiation Safety Manual for emergency preparedness plans.
  • Radiation, X-Ray, and Laser Laboratories should take into consideration the following:
  • If a period of extended research and lab activities shutdown is announced, please check for updates on the VPRI and Ontario Tech website. 
  • Storage:  Radioactive sources must be kept in labelled locked storage equipment within radiation areas listed on your Radiation Safety Permit. 
  • Equipment: Permit Holders should leave their nuclear / X-ray / laser instruments in a condition (e.g. turned off) so that they cannot be used or accessed during a shut down.  Non-essential servicing of equipment will not be possible during a shut-down.  Permit Holders should arrange contingency plans for any equipment that requires ongoing maintenance. 
  • Inventory: Inventory of radioactive sources must be accounted for and re-inventoried once a university-wide shut down has ended.
  • Shipping/Receiving: shipments of biologicals and radioactive sources may be disrupted.  Please plan accordingly.  It is recommended to plan no shipments during a period of disruption.  Please contact the Biosafety and Radiation Safety Officer if there are any issues (i.e. time-sensitive samples).
  • Eyewash and Shower Testing: Weekly emergency safety eyewash testing and emergency safety shower testing can be suspended if authorized users are not present in the lab.  The extended closure should be noted on the inspection checklist sheet.
  • Radiation Safety Emergency: In the event of a radiation emergency during a university-wide shut down, the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) will still be available by email or cell phone: 416.818.6440.  Ensure all of the posted emergency contact information in your lab is is up-to-date.
  • Radiation Safety Information: For more information, please see the radiation safety manual or reach out to the RSO, Francis, at ext. 6316 or


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