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Return to Work

Ontario Tech is committed to making every reasonable effort to enable employees to remain in the workplace and/or to ensure a safe, early return to work after illness/injury.  The Ontario Medical Association has stated: "Prolonged absence from one’s normal roles including absence from the workplace, is detrimental to a person’s mental, physical and social wellbeing”.

The Return to Work (RTW) program is a collaborative process and a shared responsibility involving the employee, manager and the Health and Disability Management Specialist.  Depending on the complexity and individual circumstances, the RTW program may also involve the Environmental Health and Safety Officer, Disability Case Manager and the WSIB Officer (in cases of workplace injuries).

The purpose of the RTW program is to facilitate a safe and sustainable return to work from absence due to injury, illness or a medical condition. The program is designed to be compliant with legislation under the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, Ontario Human Rights Code and Ontarians with Disabilities Act.

Employees who have been absent due to illness/injury often return to their regular duties and on a full-time basis while others may require a gradual return to work plan. The Health and Disability Management Specialties will develop a personalized return to work plan based on the needs of the employee. These plans will take into consideration any limitations and restrictions the employee may have as well as accommodations that may need to be put in place on a temporary or permanent basis.

Once a return to work plan is implemented, it will be monitored and regular follow-ups will be scheduled.

Employee & Manager Resources

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Please email Julie Day, Health and Disability Management Specialist or call 905-721-8668 ext. 3649.