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Radiation Safety Program

Any work with radioactive materials or radiation-emitting devices that fall under the Nuclear Safety and Control Act enforced by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) or the Ministry of Labour (MOL) regulations must conform to the the university's Radiation Safety Program.

The university's Radiation Safety Committee is the regulatory committee responsible for the oversight of the Radiation Safety Program, which includes X-ray safety and the Laser Safety Program. The programs ensure all activities with ionizing and non-ionizing radiation are conducted in a safe manner and in compliance with the Act, CNSC and MOL regulations, and applicable standards and guidelines. 

The program is administered by the Certified Radiation Safety Officer, and is designed to protect staff, students and the public from potential exposure to radiation from radioactive sources and radiation emitting devices. Furthermore, the radiation safety program controls the release of radioactive materials into the environment.

 Radiation Safety Manual

Radiation Safety Program Forms

Radiation Safety Training

Radiation Safety Committee

X-ray safety: Applying for a permit to work with X-ray devices

Laser safety: Applying for a permit to work with lasers