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Hear from Former Nominees

Francis Arnaldo, "U Make A Mark" recipient, 2020:

"When you're trying to perform your job as best you can, it's tough to take time to note and celebrate everyday successes. I was flattered to be nominated by my peers and it provided me a moment of pause to realize how much I had accomplished over the years. It is both humbling and validating that the university community recognizes my efforts, work ethic, and the approach I take towards my role."

Laura Thursby, "Rising Star" recipient, 2022:

“Receiving the Rising Star Award of Excellence at Ontario Tech last year was a tremendous honour. The acknowledgment of my contributions as a new staff member not only boosted my confidence but also affirmed the value of my input not just within my team but across the entire university!”

Alyssa McLeod, "Rising Star" recipient, 2021:

“My team were the absolute rock stars in pulling the fabulous nomination together. I felt immense gratitude for their efforts to make me feel valued and appreciated in all my work endeavors I pursued over that first year of employment at Ontario Tech. It was a great snapshot of all the engagements I explored within my first year of Indigenous community and youth engagement. As I was navigating a new role for the university this was the perfect boost of encouragement from my team, my peers from other departments across the university, to honour and recognize my efforts and the importance of this work. I also truly felt the institutional support in pursuing this work as well. I was honoured to even be nominated and considered for this recognition.”

Jackie Dupuis, "U Make a Mark" recipient, 2020:

“Being nominated reinforced the good we were doing and motivated me to maintain the ongoing commitment of our taskforce. The award was a testament to our contributions and achievements during what I call one of the most difficult times for an entire community. It was a team award, so it certainly fostered a sense of community achievement. I felt a deep sense of accomplishment and pride, at a time when I needed it most."

Samantha Cook, "Ridgeback" recipient, 2021:

“Being nominated for the Ridgeback Award gave me a sense of confidence and reassurance that my contributions to Ontario Tech make a difference. I am still so appreciative of the time taken by my nominator and colleagues who supported the nomination to recognize me in this way.”

Dan Walters, "Community Collaborator" recipient, 2022:

“I fell out of my chair when I received the good news. Ontario Tech students, staff, and faculty mean the world to me—and I am forever indebted to their immeasurable kindness and support”