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Citizen to Leader

The Citizen to Leader Program (C2L) has been developed by Ontario Tech University in consultation with Procept Associates Limited.  This leadership program was created for high potential individual contributors in order to grow understanding and development of leadership skills needed to inspire, motivate and bring change.  Our range of sessions will provide a solid understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing leaders and will help to prepare you for a career that will make a difference for you, your community and the university.

The program design is strength based and solutions focused and allows for a high degree of discussion to foster collaboration and an appreciation for the perspectives of others.

The program is robust and demanding and includes:

  • 8 days of training over 3 months
  • 19 micro-credentials
  • 100% commitment


  • Has been an employee for 2+ years
  • Likely does not manage a team
  • Has met or exceeded expectations as documented in performance development conversations
  • Has an interest in leadership roles


  • An expression of interest will be communicated out to the campus community
  • Those interested will respond to the expression of interest
  •  Human Resources will work with those who express interest and their leaders to approve employees into the program and  create the best possible cohort from those who expressed an interest.

Program attendance and expectations

Attending and actively participating in each of these sessions will maximize the success of the program and assure an optimal learning environment for all. It is expected that all participants, with support of their nominators, will attend all sessions. Participants who miss more than one session of the program may be unable to complete the program successfully with their cohort.

Note: Participants may be expected to attend small breakout sessions outside of the scheduled modules to ensure completion of the program.  Participants will be expected to complete micro credentials (18) associated with the content of each Citizen to Leader session.

It is important that all nominees and their respective nominators carefully review the program schedule in advance to ensure adherence to the strict attendance and participation requirements.


This program includes a series of seminars designed to develop and enhance your leadership capacity and better equip you for increased responsibility. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of their leadership capabilities, enhance their communication and coaching skills, build better relationships, and exchange ideas and experiences with fellow participants. Participants will use a DiSC based profile to better understand their leadership strengths.

The Citizen to Leader program aims to:

  • Help participants understand self and others and move towards being an authentic transformational leader.
  • Help participants understand and demonstrate the university's values.
  • Raise awareness about the role and challenges of leadership at the university.
  • Assist individuals in identifying the necessary capabilities required to develop themselves for their current and/or future roles at the university.

Program schedule

Emerging Leaders Kickoff                                                                    April 9, 2024

Making the Leap to Leadership                                                         April 23, 2024

Conflict - From Prevention to Resolution                                              May 7, 2024

Diversity, Equity and Cultural Inclusion                                             May 21, 2024

Influencing Without Authority                                                               June 4, 2024

Communications In Action                                                                 June 18, 2024

Mindfulness at Work                                                                              July 9, 2024