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Leadership Skills

Leadership development is a process that begins with reflection and self-awareness.  It's about accountability, responsibility and continuous learning.  Continuous learning is critical to the success of the organization and the growth of our employees as professionals as they move from newly hired to seasoned professional individual contributors or maybe into management and/or leadership roles.  For those who aspire to develop leadership skills we present the following leadership opportunities:

Professional Nexus: Advanced Communication Skills Certificate

Expressions of interest are being accepted for participants who are interested in obtaining a certificate in Professional Nexus: Advanced Communication Certificate from The Soft Skills Group.

The schedule for this program is as follows:

Core Courses
Foundations of Effective Communication Thursday, Jan 9, 2025 1pm - 4:30pm virtually
Professional Writing and Documentation  Thursday, Jan 16, 2025 1pm - 4:30pm virtually
Conflict Resolution and Team Collaboration  Tuesday, Jan 23, 2025 1pm - 4:30pm virtually
Leadership Communication and Engagement Thursday, Jan 30, 2025 1pm - 4:30pm virtually
Elective Courses
Effective Presentation Skills for Staff Thursday, Feb 6, 2025 1pm - 4:30pm virtually
Running High Impact Online Meetings Thursday, Feb 27, 2025 1pm - 4:30pm virtually
Confidence and Assertiveness Skills Tuesday, Mar 6, 2025 1pm - 4:30pm virtually