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Extended Closure of Research and Laboratory Activities: Ramp-down and Start-up

Extended closures of laboratories can occur throughout the course of a year due to many instances (e.g. Christmas/Summer break, transfer of rooms, renovations, emergency/incident response, etc.).  Each time a lab is not in use for an extended period of time, the lab should be placed in "ramp-down conditions" to ensure the health and safety of the Ontario Tech community.  This is done by following the ramp-down procedures below.

In extraordinary circumstances the university may mandate a period of essential or critical research and lab activities on-campus only.  Once the laboratory is able to begin work again, the Pre-start Lab Checklist should be completed (coming soon) to ensure the health and safety of the lab area. 


Ramp-down Procedures

If decided that your research lab should go into ramp down conditions, researchers should:

  1. Stop Work: Cease all on-going active experiments so that the hazards will not present a danger.
  2. Communicate: Inform all Research Lab Personnel with access to the research lab that the ramp down procedures are being performed and not to report to the lab. 
  3. Take Action: Complete the Laboratory Ramp Down checklist.  
  4. Final Exit: Perform a final walkthrough of the lab. Ensure all personal belongings are collected before exiting your lab.  Once the door is closed, ensure it is locked and unable to open without a key/proxy card.
  5. Vacate: Leave campus immediately as safely as possible if an emergency is occurring.
  6. Follow-up: Follow-up with others to inform them of the closure status of your laboratory area(s):
    1. Other researchers of the lab off-campus at the time
    2. PBO and your Supervisor
    3. Health and Safety Officer
    4. Bio/Rad/X-Ray/Laser Permitted Labs: Biosafety and Radiation Safety Officer
    5. Animal Care/Human Ethics Approved Labs: Research Ethics Officer
  7. Stay Informed: Keep up-to-date on the current events and follow Ontario Tech recommendations through the Ontario Tech University page.

Return To Normal Operations: Pre-Start Lab Checklist

Once back on-campus and the lab is ready to be used again, the pre-start lab checklist must be completed.

In addition, the announcement on the process to return to normal operations was emailed to the community June 26, 2020 and can be found on the Ready for You website.  The approval form and the accompanying forms must be completed.