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Return to Remote Activities Preparedness

Update April 1, 2021

If Durham Region will enter shutdown zone under the Ontario Covid-19 Response Framework, only those individuals considered on-campus essential services or approved research, and research supports will be granted access to campus buildings.  Please continue to follow University updates on the Ready for You website.

A. If you are allowed to come to campus:
  1. Complete the mandatory COVID-19 screening questionnaire on the same day, prior to arriving.
  2. Only come to campus if you have received an email confirmation permitting you to do so.
  3. You must wear a non-medical mask or face covering when inside buildings on campus, and maintain physical distancing at all times.
  4. Follow the Guidelines for Working on Campus during COVID-19.  
  5. For research projects approved by the VPRI's Office, please follow any protocols specific to your laboratory and follow VPRI updates.
  6. For functional units working on campus, please follow any specific workplace protocols.

Please note: All food outlets and areas are closed.  Please use the designated areas to eat in order to take off your mask.  No gatherings/meetings are allowed indoors - please follow the stated max physical distancing capacity of the room.

B. If you are working on campus and must (or choose to) return to remote activities:
  1. Please follow the ramp-down procedures found on the Extended Closures of Research and Laboratories Activities webpage.
  2. Please continue to follow University updates on the Ready for You website.


Update December 10, 2020

In the event that the Durham Region enters Grey – Lockdown under the Ontario Covid-19 Response Framework, please review all communication sent out by the Senior Leadership Team and check for updates on the Ready for You website.  This webpage will be updated to outline the steps to be taken for workers who:

  1. return to remote activities from on-campus activities
  2. are allowed to work on-campus during the Grey - Lockdown phase.