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Just For the Health of It Photo Contest

People, Places, Pets and Peers

To support the university’s commitment to a healthy workplace, the university’s Healthy Workplace Committee (HWC) would like to offer all employees the opportunity to acknowledge the remarkable people, cherished places, beloved pets and peers that have brought you joy, comfort, and/or solace.

This summer, snap some photos of the important people in your life, places or spaces where you’ve found joy, serenity and meaning, or your furry friends, including your peers, and share them with us.

Submit photos related to one or more of the categories listed below, together with a caption, to for a chance to win one of three prizes and be acknowledged within the university community. 

Contest Categories

Photos should capture and clearly display images that fit into one of the following categories: 

  • Category A – People
  • Category B – Places
  • Category C – Pets
  • Category D – Peers

Images must be accompanied by a caption identifying how the subject of the photo has supported your emotional or physical well-being. Tell us a little bit about your entry!

The HWC will announce winning photos in late September and feature a photo gallery through the university’s media outlets. First, second and third-place winners will receive gift cards as prizes.

Submission Details

  • One photo submission per category, per person (four photos maximum per employee).
  • Amateur photos only (photos should clearly meet category criteria).
  • Maximum size: 10MB.
  • Use the following naming convention for each photo you submit: [category]_[last name]; e.g. A_Smith; B_Smith; C_Smith; D_Smith.
  • Provide a photo caption describing your photo (maximum of 100 characters).
  • Make sure to get your photos in between June 10, 2024 and September 6, 2024.

Good luck!

2024 Weekly Photo Showcase!

Keep a watch on this space as we showcase submissions as part of this photo contest!

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