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Employee Assistance Program

 telus-health-formerly-lifeworks.pngYour Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is facilitated by TELUS Health and offers services to support you, and your family, through life stages, obstacles, and transitions.  Our EAP is also available to provide immediate assistance during times of crisis. An overview of the program is available in the EAP Brochure. A dedicated Crisis Response webpage is now available in response to recent world events.   

Access EAP services 24/7/365 by calling 1.844.671.3327 or 
online via the TELUS Health One Platform (includes chat/text feature)

TELUS Health One (formerly known as Essentials*) platform has launched! 
All full time and limited term employees are invited to join TELUS Health One, an add-on to our existing EAP program. TELUS Health One provides an easy-to-use online platform and app with tools to promote and support health and happiness!  The platform also has a Perks section.  Check your Outlook inbox for your invite to join.  If you cannot find your email invite, please email to have the invitation resent.

*Please update your website bookmarks to reflect the new TELUS Health One URL:, in place of LifeWorks' Essentials.

View the folders below and learn more about this new and exciting EAP feature! 

Introducing TELUS Health One!

  • Why join TELUS Health One?
    1. Feel supported 24/7, 365 days a year with confidential support service for all of life’s challenges.
    2. When the world around you gets stressful, TELUS Health One can help you to manage your reactions with wellbeing articles, podcasts, tools and resources.
    3. Stay connected with what’s happening across the University to support employee health and wellbeing.
    4. Save money through the Perks program.
  • How can TELUS Health One be accessed?

    TELUS Health One can be accessed by web,, or app.

    All new full time and limited term employees will receive an email invite. Check your email inbox for you invitation containing your unique link to join this well-being solution.

    Can't find your invite? No problem! Email 

  • Book a Counsellor via Online Scheduling

    Online Scheduling is now available!  From the TELUS Health One Platform (or app), under the ‘Feel Supported’ section, select ‘Book A Counsellor’.  After answering a few simple intake questions, such as what you need help with and what type of appointment you would like to book (Video or Telephone), the first available appointment will appear.  You can further refine your search by filtering by counsellor gender, language, and area of specialization. 

    This Online Scheduling FAQ provides step-by-step instructions for booking.

  • Perks: Discounts and Savings

    The TELUS Health One platform also has a ‘Perks’ section, where you can access cashback shopping, exclusive offers, and purchase gift cards with a discount!  Check out the latest savings today by visiting the TELUS Health One platform-Perks section.

  • Quick Information Videos:

    Take a look at quick videos on Total Wellbeing Assessments, Perks and Managing your Account through this link

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • How confidential is the program?
    Neither your employer nor your co-workers will have any knowledge of your voluntary request for assistance. In fact, no information regarding your participation in the EAP can be given to any individual or organization without your consent, except as required by law.
  • What does your EAP provide?

    EAP Provides:

    • An advisor to help you choose which path to take (e.g. counsellor*, legal advisor, accountant or community resource).
      *Did you know that you can be matched with a specific counsellor, such as someone that shares similar lived or cultural experiences?  View the EAP-Frequently Asked Questions document to learn more.
    • Discrete, off-site convenient locations across Canada.
    • Extensive information on various community services and support groups, as well as a willingness to research a wide range of problems to assist each individual with their varied and unique situation.
    • Highly trained and experienced professionals.
    • Counsellors for stress, anxiety, depression, relationship, marital conflicts, grief and loss, addictions, substance abuse. 
    • Lawyers for legal advice including family law, separation/divorce and custody.
    • Accountants for financial advice, retirement planning, tax questions.
    • Professionals who deal with elder-care, adoption, child-care concerns and can assist in identifying resources such as child care and nursing/retirement home options. 
    • EAP Service Summary [PDF]
  • Orientation: Watch a recording or attend a live session

    Whether you are new to Ontario Tech or wanting to refresh your knowledge of the supports and services available through TELUS Health, our Employee Assistance Program, please select the orientation format that works best for you.

    1. 1-Minute Mini Orientation for Employees - Video Recording
    2. 25-Minute Full Orientation for Employees - Video Recording
    3. Virtual Orientations: Employee and Manager* sessions held live. Select the date within the Orientation Flyer that you would like to attend to register.

    * Orientation for Manager video recordings are available on the Leader Supports webpage.

  • LIFT Fitness App – Sign-up for your complimentary access today!
    Start your fitness journey with the LIFT App.  Access a full suite of fitness offerings that makes working out exciting, easy, and efficient!  It’s like working out at your preferred gym or studio without ever stepping outside your house.  If you are interested in signing up for the free LIFT App, provided by our Employee Assistance Program provider, please visit this link:
  • How do I invite my family members to join?

       1. Log in to TELUS Health One by web,, or app using your personal account. 

    • Web: Go to ‘Profile” in the top right-hand corner, then click the ‘Family” button.
    • App: Go to “More” in the bottom righthand corner.

       2. Select ‘Invite Family” and submit the email address of up to five dependents.

       3. TELUS Health will then send an email invitation to each person.

  • Quality Assurance - Concerns Process

    If you have had a less than satisfactory experience with our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), please contact Elise Arbic, Employee Health and Wellness Manager, or via phone: 905-809-0727.  

    Elise will liaise with our EAP Senior Customer Success Manager to address your conern(s) and help you access support.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Did you know that you can request to be matched with a specific counsellor?

    Did you know that the number of counselling sessions provided is based on what is clinically appropriate and not a set number such as three?

    Did you know that TELUS Health can match you with counsellors that share similar lived or cultural experiences when requested?

    Review the EAP-Frequently Asked Questions document to have your questions answered.

    Still have questions?  Please email and we'd be happy to help.

Tip Sheets and Resources

The TELUS Health One Platform* is your source for support and resources related to Family, Health, Life, Money, and Work.  Below are articles from the platform to support your well-being.  Visit TELUS Health One* today to access additional articles, toolkits, and CareNow modules.
*Don’t have access to Telus Health One?  Email to receive your email invitation to this free extension of our EAP.

Newly Added

Are you a student and/or employed through University Works and are in need of assistance? Please click here.