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Applying for permanent residency

If you are planning to live and work permanently in Canada, you can apply for permanent residency at the same time you apply for your work permit. If you delay your application for permanent resident status until after your arrival in Canada you may have to renew the work permit. A permanent resident application from your country of origin (or the country you are a resident in) are usually processed faster than those made in Canada.

Where to apply:
Applicants outside Canada: If you have been legally admitted for at least one year to the country you are currently living in, or if you are a citizen, you must apply at the Canadian Visa Post serving your country or region. The list of visa posts will help you identify the appropriate office, contact information and website. You can download the region-specific forms required by the visa office from the website or request them by mail.

Applicants living in Canada:
You have a choice. You can send your application to the Canadian visa office in Buffalo, New York. The specific forms required for your application through this visa post can be downloaded from its website or requested by mail. Applications through Buffalo are currently taking about two years to process. Or, you can apply at the visa post responsible for your country of citizenship. In some cases, applications through the visa post in the country of citizenship can result in a drastically shorter processing time. 

Medical exam:
You and accompanying family members will be required to undergo a medical exam at your own expense. will be required at your own expense. Your own doctor cannot do the medical exam. You will be notified by Citizenship and Immigration Canada when the medical exam is required. The examination must be conducted by a physician on Canada's List of Designated Medical Practitioners

Citizenship and Immigration Canada's (CIC) guide and requisite forms can be found on the CIC's Applications and Forms page.