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Job evaluation

Job evaluation is a consistent and systematic approach to defining and measuring the relative value of jobs within an organization. It assists an employer to achieve internal equity of pay and serves as a foundation for other human resources programs and systems.

The university's Job Evaluation System is a point rating job evaluation system. It is particularly suited to jobs consisting of a variety of tasks. A point rating plan defines a number of factors, which are common to the jobs being evaluated. The university's job evaluation plan measures jobs based on the factors of:

  • communication skills
  • education
  • experience
  • impact of action
  • independence of action
  • leadership
  • mental effort
  • physical effort
  • problem resolution and analysis
  • service to others
  • working conditions

The job evaluation process considers the job function and not the person in the job. Individual characteristics, personality, performance and/or work volume and other personal factors are not related to job evaluation.

Job evaluation is not a method to increase salaries, nor is it an attempt to reward superior performance.

Characteristics of a Job Evaluation Plan:

• It will be gender-neutral in its design, and will survive a test of its neutrality and freedom from associated biases.
• It will be balanced, having an equal effect on women's and men's work.
• It will be comprehensive, embracing as many aspects of the work done in the organization as possible.
• It will be user-friendly to those within the organization participating in the plan.
• It will provide an opportunity for feedback and clarification on position responsibilities.

Job Evaluation Committee:

The Job Evaluation Committee (JEC) comprises managers and staff members from various faculties and departments across the university who are responsible for conducting job evaluations. JEC members are trained on the principles of job evaluations and are knowledgeable about the university's job evaluation plan. Members of the JEC apply a consistent method of evaluating jobs by using an established point system for evaluation of positions at the university.