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  • What is the purpose of the performance development program?

    Ontario Tech University is committed to developing human resource programs that support our culture. We want to recognize and reward individual and team performance results, provide an opportunity for regular coaching, and support ongoing employee development. The process is meant to be simple, flexible and fair, with involvement from both the manager and the staff member.

  • How is the Performance Development Cycle (PDC) different from our previous performance management program?

    The steps and principles are similar, but the revamped PDC is more focused on forward-looking, ongoing conversations that are regular, collaborative and relationship-driven interactions between managers and staff. This PDC program also places a greater focus on individual development and growth. Our previous process was very heavily focused on the annual review with little emphasis placed on the importance of ongoing, regular feedback, coaching and dialogue.

  • As a manager, how should I introduce the PDC to my team?

    First and foremost, be understanding and open to their questions and concerns. Some staff may be apprehensive about this process and have concerns that this exercise will increase workload. That is not the intent of the PDC. The goals set with each staff member should complement the work they do and align with the expectations of their job at the university. It’s a good idea to start with simple goals at first, to allow your team to become comfortable with the process and the idea of setting goals.

  • Does the PDC apply to every employee at the university?
    All full-time continuing administrative staff in levels 1 through 13 will complete goal-setting, check-ins and the annual performance development conversation in Rally2Gether. Limited-term employees can use the existing paper forms available on the Performance Development Cycle website.
  • What is the first thing I should do to get started in the Rally2Gether application?

    Before logging into Rally2Gether, visit the Rally2Gether website and review the Getting Started page. This page will provide you with step-by-step instructions to assist you with this new process and the application.

  • What are the performance ratings? How were they chosen?

    We received a great deal of feedback about the five-point rating scale used in our previous system. As a result, we have simplified it to a three-point scale. The performance ratings for this year are:

    • Exceeds expectations: Demonstrates and applies an exceptional level of knowledge and skills; consistently excels; significant achievement relative to goals and/or accountabilities.
    • Meets expectations: Demonstrates appropriate level of knowledge and/or skills; performs effectively and consistently; achieves goals and/or accountabilities.
    • Does not meet expectations: Demonstrates a lack of knowledge and/or skills in one or more areas; does not perform consistently; does not achieve goals and/or accountabilities.
  • My job keeps changing and evolving. How will my performance be measured?

    The university has developed a customized Job Evaluation Plan to define and measure positions against various job factors. The purpose of the Job Information Questionnaire is to allow you and your supervisor to have the opportunity to review, define and clarify the accountabilities of the position.

    At the beginning of the performance cycle, the manager and staff member jointly set out the goals, measures, and expectations of the role. At the end of the performance cycle, the manager and staff member will assess the degree to which results were achieved, taking into consideration unusual circumstances that may have arisen throughout the year.

    We recognize that most, if not all roles within the university are changing and evolving, and we fully expect this to continue as we grow. The performance development process should provide focus and direction to employees as they deal with day-to-day issues and challenges.
  • What if I disagree with my supervisor on my overall assessment?

    If you don't agree with your supervisor about the performance assessment, it is important that you have the opportunity to discuss the reasons in an objective manner with your supervisor. Be prepared with factual information and examples. You may also wish to contact Human Resources for further guidance on next steps.

    Remember, your acknowledgment of completing this step in Rally2Gether does not necessarily mean that you agree with your overall performance assessment; it indicates that you have had an opportunity to discuss and review it.

  • How should the performance development process be managed for staff who are off-cycle?

    Parental leave, or extended leaves of absence

    Staff returning from a leave of absence more than six months before the start of Step 3: Annual performance development conversation should meet with their manager to complete Step 1: Goal-setting conversation. Upon their return to work, a member of the Rally2Gether team will set up the appropriate task in the Rally2Gether application. Goals set should be appropriate to the timelines and completed prior to starting the next Performance Development Cycle in April.

    New hires

    The first few weeks of employment are vital to the success of a new staff member, who will form an overall impression of the university during this time. Staff who do not receive an appropriate induction are likely to take longer to become fully effective in their role, may not achieve their full potential and are more likely to leave in the early stages of their employment. It is important to begin goal-setting and understanding the development needs of new staff early in their onboarding. Step 1: Goal-setting conversation should be completed within the first few weeks of hire.

    Seconded or promoted staff

    Staff who have been in their seconded or promoted position should complete Step 1: Goal-setting conversation within the first few weeks of starting their new role, provided they have started the new position more than six months before the start of Step 3: Annual performance development conversation. Staff who have been in their seconded or promoted position for more than six months should receive a Step 3: Annual performance development conversation based on their seconded or promoted position. If they have been in the seconded or promoted position for less than six months, Step 3: Annual performance development conversation should be completed based on their previous position.

  • I received an email stating that I have a task in Rally2Gether that requires my action, but when I login I don’t see the task in the system. Why is this?

    This could be for a number of reasons. Email and a member of the Rally2Gether team will contact you.

  • I completed my goals as part of the Step 1 task in Rally2Gether and I can no longer see my goals. Why is this?

    Once you have completed your goals in the Rally2Gether application and submitted them for review by your manager, you will be unable to see your goals again until after your manager has approved your goals. Once they are approved, you can login to Rally2Gether again and review any comments made by your manager.

  • Can I update my goals after they have been submitted to my manager for approval?

    Yes. It may be necessary to make changes to your goals throughout the Performance Development Cycle. The Rally2Gether application allows you to do this only after your initial goals have been approved by your manager. If you make a change to one of your goals, your manager will receive an email notification to reapprove any changed goals.

    You are strongly encouraged to ensure your goals are as close as possible to being finalized before you enter them into the Rally2Gether application. A meeting to discuss and review goals prior to entering them into the application is expected. This will ensure alignment between the staff member and the manager and decrease any unnecessary reopening of the task in the application.

  • If I want to update my goals mid-cycle, how do I do this?

    If you need to change a goal, login to Rally2Gether, go to the Performance dropdown and select Goals. Under this tab, select My Goals. You should see all of your goals entered here. On the far right of each goal, there is a dropdown arrow. Select the arrow and select Edit. Once you have made your changes to the goal, select Submit. You will return to the Goals page. Select the Send Approval Request button to have your manager approve the changes you have made.

  • What do I do if my manager cannot see my goals in the Rally2Gether application?

    In order for your manager to see your goals, the goals must be submitted to your manager for approval. To push this through, login to Rally2Gether and select the Performance tab from the dropdown, then select Goals. Under the tab My Goals, you should see all the goals you entered. On the My Goals page, there is an option to select Send Approval Request.  Once you select this option, a message will appear: Send an Approval Request email to your manager to approve all pending goals. This will send a message to your manager to approve your goals, and they will now be able to see them.

  • How do I view my goals off-cycle?

    Under the Performance tab, you will see an option called Goals. Select this option to view all of your goals. If you wish to only view goals that are still in progress, select the checkbox Hide Completed.

    You can also see your goals by selecting Scheduled Tasks under the Home tab. If you decide to access your goals via the Scheduled Tasks, and the step is still inactive or incomplete status, you can select the hyperlink or title of the step and it will take you into the step process flow. If you select a completed or expired task, a PDF will be generated.

  • How long do I have before the system times out?

    For security purposes, if you have been idle for more than 60 minutes (no mouse clicks or key presses), a session timeout message will appear and you will be required to log in again.

  • I am trying to bookmark the Rally2Gether application and I am getting an error message. What am I doing wrong?

    We strongly suggest you bookmark the Performance Development Cycle website, rather than the Rally2Gether application, to ensure you are up-to-date with any changes or information related to the Performance Development Cycle. You can access the application from the main page of the Performance Development Cycle website.