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Performance development cycle


Rally2Gether, Ontario Tech University’s performance development program for full-time continuing staff and managers, has been designed to effectively manage talent and performance, and ensure each staff member understands how they contribute to the success of the university.

The success of performance development is rooted in rich, ongoing conversation, and relies on the involvement and commitment of both manager and staff to the process. We must 'Rally2Gether' to make performance development a successful and positive experience for all.

To this end, each individual and manager will:

  • Have a voice in setting goals.
  • Be held accountable for their responsibilities, individual goals, and behaviour.
  • 'Own' the program, with support from managers and Human Resources.

The purpose of the program is to:

  • Link staff member’s efforts to the desired strategy, goals, behaviours and culture at Ontario Tech University.
  • Inspire employees to give their best effort and align their efforts to their teams' efforts.
  • Provide fair and accurate evaluation of performance.
  • Provide effective coaching for performance development and career development.
Before you get started, visit Rally2Gether training to review the best approach to accessing the online application for the first time. If you are ready to get started, log in to Rally2Gether to access the online application and start your performance development planning!