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Citizen to Leader Series

Nomination form

Thank you for your interest in nominating your candidate for the Citizen to Leader program! The first step to building better leaders is recognizing those among us with the potential to become them. Before completing the nomination form below, please take some time to read over the program requirements and expectations below. When you are finished, kindly complete the nomination form with your nominee by Friday, September 6.


This program includes a series of seminars designed to develop and enhance your leadership capacity and better equip you for increased responsibility. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of their leadership capabilities, enhance their communication and coaching skills, build better relationships, and exchange ideas and experiences with fellow participants. Participants will use the DiSC Work of Leaders® profile to better understand their leadership strengths.

The Citizen to Leader program aims to:

  • Help participants understand self and others and move towards being an authentic transformational leader.
  • Help participants understand and demonstrate the university's values.
  • Raise awareness about the role and challenges of leadership at the university.
  • Assist individuals in identifying the necessary capabilities required to develop themselves for their current and/or future roles at the university.


Launch event: Welcome and Context Setting (Tuesday, October 29)

Module 1 - Making the Leap to Leadership (Tuesday, November 19)
Module 2 - Conflict Resolution Skills for Leaders (Tuesday, December 10)
Module 3 - Fierce Conversations (Thursday, January 30 and Thursday, February 6)
Module 4 - Leading High Performance Teams (Tuesday, March 3)
Module 5 - Leading Inclusive Workplaces (Friday, April 24)

Bringing Leadership into Action - (Tuesday, May 12)

Landing event: Leadership Summit (June 2020)



This program is intended for individuals who are emerging leaders who may move into leadership in the near future.

Program attendance and expectations

Attending and actively participating in each of these sessions will maximize the success of the program and assure an optimal learning environment for all. It is expected that all participants, with support of their nominators, will attend all sessions. Participants who miss more than one session of the program may be ineligible to complete the program with their cohort.

Note: Participants may be expected to attend small breakout sessions outside of the scheduled modules to ensure completion of the program.

It is important that all nominees and their respective nominators carefully review the program schedule in advance to ensure adherence to the strict attendance and participation requirements.

Nomination instructions

Managers may nominate individuals meeting the minimum eligibility criteria.
Staff members who wish to self-nominate should discuss their interest with their manager(s).