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Initiate the search

Determine overall recruitment needs

As part of the cyclical academic planning process, the Dean submits a summary of the faculty’s annual hiring needs to the Office of the Provost. Since recruiting new faculty members is more than just replacing individuals who have resigned or retired with similar incumbents, it is important to define the general requirements (discipline, salary range and startup funds) for each position requested and provide an overall hiring rationale linked to the faculty’s strategic priorities.

Gain approval

Each year, the Office of the Provost conveys approved appointment allocations (including salary range and startup funds), pending budget approval, to the Dean and Human Resources. While replacement or new positions related to retirements, restructuring, growth or new programs are anticipated and planned, circumstances may require changes to the list of approved appointment allocations, pending budget approval. Therefore, prior to any position being posted, the Dean submits a specific hiring request to the Office of the Provost to confirm approval to proceed with the search to fill a position. The hiring request will include detailed supporting rationale based on strategic academic priorities.