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Faculty Hiring Toolkit

Tenure/tenure-track and teaching faculty

Hiring faculty is an opportunity to shape Ontario Tech’s future success by attracting and appointing those best able to advance the university’s goals and objectives. Human Resources (HR) has developed the Faculty Recruitment Toolkit for Tenured/Tenure-Track Faculty and Teaching Faculty to support deans in performing this important function of leadership.

Intended as a supplement to the Collective Agreement between Ontario Tech University and the the university's Faculty Association, the Faculty Recruitment Guidelines and the Faculty Recruitment Checklist, the Faculty Recruitment Toolkit provides a resource for Deans and search committee members for developing and contributing to a search process that is strategic, transparent, fair and defensible. The toolkit offers detailed information, including tools and recommended approaches, for conducting effective, strategic recruitment and selection activities from recruiting applications to selecting the best candidate and making an offer of appointment. Quicklink references to this information are contained throughout.

As a dean or member of a search committee, you are encouraged to review the guidelines as you commence the search process. The HR Advisor for your faculty is available to support you as you progress through the steps in the process.

Framework for hiring

  • Relevant legislation related to human rights and privacy issues
  • Collective agreements
  • Ontario Tech University policies and practices

Record keeping

  • FIPPA and the search process

Faculty recruitment typically involves the following steps:

  1. Initiate the search

    1.1   Determine overall recruitment needs.

    1.2   Gain approval.

  2. Prepare to search

    2.1   Establish the search committee.

    2.2   Define specific selection criteria.

  3. Recruit applicants

    3.1   Advertise the position.

  4. Select qualified candidates

    4.1   Screen and shortlist applicants.

    4.2   Interview candidates.

    4.3   Select the right candidate.

    4.4   Check references.

  5. Make an offer of appointment

    5.1   Submit a recommendation to appoint to the Provost for approval.

    5.2   Approval of appointment.

    5.3   Present the formal offer of appointment.

  6. Complete the appointment process

    6.1   Candidate acceptance.

    6.2   Provide feedback to candidates.

Foreign worker requirements